2019opstoberfest-thumbThe Opstoberfest event not only includes the traditional food and drink competitions (beef, chicken, pork, dessert, and brew), but also serves as a celebration of the North Texas Section of WEAT. The NTS-WEAT President leads the program with announcements and messages from committee chairs. Approximately 150 individuals attend the event and are able to sample food entries from all the teams. All profits from the event benefit the Texas Operations Challenge teams.

For information on sponsoring the Opstoberfest, please see the Sponsorships page.

October 25, 2019

Download the Team Information Packet for details or register online now.

New! Fastest Saw Cut challenge!
Prizes will be awarded to 1st place in Pro, Women’s, and Open Divisions.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: To volunteer as a judge please contact Agata Ristow. To volunteer for event planning, setup, and cleanup, please contact Monique Florez and Nicole Conner.

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