2019opstoberfest-thumbThe Opstoberfest event not only includes the traditional food and drink competitions (beef, chicken, pork, dessert, and brew), but also serves as a celebration of the North Texas Section of WEAT. The NTS-WEAT President leads the program with announcements and messages from committee chairs. Approximately 150 individuals attend the event and are able to sample food entries from all the teams. All profits from the event benefit the Texas Operations Challenge teams.

For information on sponsoring the Opstoberfest, please see the Sponsorships page.

2020 Updates

This year, we have had to cancel the BBQ cookoff, however we are excited to announce we will be hosting a family movie night in the City of Frisco, Friday, November 6, featuring a screening of the movie Brave Blue World, and a fastest saw cut competition. If you haven’t heard the buzz, Brave Blue World is a documentary focused on driving positive change in the water industry. The official film trailer can be watched here: https://www.braveblue.world/

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