Young Professionals

YPWEAT Mission

Communicate the benefits of WEAT membership to young professionals throughout the water environment industry, including those in wastewater and storm water utilities, river authorities, consulting firms, academia, regulatory agencies, and other related organizations. Assist in the growth of WEAT by attracting new young professional members. Attract new members from undergraduate and graduate programs by working to create student chapters at Texas universities and colleges.

  1. Develop and provide programming and services for to attract young professionals to our organization and that appeal to young professionals along three dimensions:
    Professional Development (PD). Provide professional development opportunities including technical seminars and training events, professional networking, leadership experiences, teamwork experiences, public speaking opportunities, mentoring, and other career related activities.
  2. Friends and Family (FF). Provide opportunities for new members to become part of the WEAT family. Conduct enjoyable icebreaker events and outings to provide shared experiences for members so that friendships may be formed among members.
  3. Community Service (CS). Provide opportunities for members to provide services to others, both in and out of the water environment industry. Provide outlets for members to volunteer their time in their communities and to participate in charity activities and events, science fair events, and other activities.

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