Section Officers


Conner_Nicole (fav)

President – Nicole Conner

Kennedy Jenks, 214.288.7609,

Key Responsibilities:

  • Prepares and presides over Executive Committee Meetings
  • Prepares and presides over dinner meetings
  • Solicits the audit committee each year
  • Coordinates, prepares, and reviews the electronic newsletter
  • Committee involvement
  • Transitions to successor

Rami Issa

President Elect – Rami Issa

AECOM, 972.735.3012,

Key Responsibilities:

  • Assists President in the performance of his/her duties
  • Develops the annual WEAT-NTS calendar
  • Committee involvement
  • QCs the newsletter
  • Reviews the website
  • Transitions to successor


Vice President – Heather Wootton

Garver, 972.377.7480,

Key Responsibilities:

  • Acts as Program Committee chair
  • Sponsorships
  • Prepares dinner meeting synopsis for the speaker at dinner meetings
  • QCs newsletter
  • Reports on past dinner meetings at the Executive Meetings
  • Transitions to successor

Elle Frier

Treasurer – Elle Frier

Frier Group, 972.439.5706,

Key Responsibilities:

  • Reports financials on all events at the Executive Committee meetings
  • Responsible for online payment system, receipts, posters, sign-up lists, mans the registration table, handles all expenses, deposits, and final reconciliations for dinner meetings and other events
  • Responsible for quarterly and year-end close-outs
  • Annual financial reporting to membership
  • Involved in the Audit Committee
  • Involved in the Scholarship Committee
  • Young Professionals Budget
  • Involved in the electronic newsletter
  • Transitions to successor

Deputy Treasurer – Blayne Johnson

Trinity River Authority, 817.493.5173

Secretary – Lance Phillips

Dallas Water Utilities, 214.670.7407,

Key Responsibilities:

  • Prepares for Executive Committee meetings
  • Distributes meeting minutes, action item summary, and meeting handouts to all attendees at the EC meeting
  • Prepares notes of the EC meeting, prepares meeting minutes, and emails drafts to all participants
  • Keeps the calendar for the EC meeting updated
  • Prepares CEU information for TCEQ approval and sends the fee to WEAT.
  • Committee Involvement
  • Prepares writeup on previous meeting to Electronic Communication committee
  • Transitions to successor


Past President – Grace Sober

LAN, Inc., 214.765.8731,

Key Responsibilities:

  • Assists new President
  • Executive Committee and Nominating Committee Involvement
  • QC’s Newsletters
  • Transition to successor


Section Rep – Phil Spitzer

North Texas Municipal Water District, 469.626.4918,

Key Responsibilities:

  • Represents the North Texas Section on the WEAT Executive Board
  • Constitution and Bylaws Committees involvement
  • Provides writeup for the WET Newsletter on NTS activities
  • QC’s NTS Newsletter
  • Membership Involvement
  • Transitions to successor


Past Section Rep – Jeff Caffey

Plummer, 871.806.1723,

Key Responsibilities:

  • Assists new Section Representative
  • Executive Committee involvement
  • Transitions to successor