Constitution and ByLaws

The WEAT-NTS Constitution contains the fundamental principles which govern the operation of the WEAT North Texas Section. WEAT-NTS Bylaws establish the basic structure, specific rules of guidance, and methods by which officers and committees of the organization to function.

Current Constitution and Bylaws

  • The Constitution and Bylaws Committee consist of five or more members, including the Secretary and Section Representative.
  • The Committee acts on all proposed changes to the Constitution and Bylaws, and submit all approved changes to the Executive Committee.

Proposed Constitution and Bylaws Modifications
(June 2021)

  • Amendments to the Constitution and its Bylaws may be proposed by the
    Executive Committee through its Constitution and Bylaws Committee, by a
    majority of the Executive Committee, or by a written petition signed by at
    least 10 percent of the members of the Section and submitted to the
  • Proposed amendments shall then be considered by the Constitution and
    Bylaws Committee and changes made if considered appropriate. The
    changed version, if acceptable to the original proposer, or the original version
    if changes are not acceptable, shall then be submitted to the Section at its
    next meeting provided such proposal has been submitted to the membership
    30 days in advance of the meeting date at which Amendments will be voted
  • Proposed amendments shall be submitted for approval by the
    WEAT NTS Constitution and Bylaws Committee prior to the presentation to
    the Section for Adoption.
  • Amendments to this Constitution and its Bylaws may be made by two thirds
    affirmative vote of the members present and voting at the meeting.
  • The Secretary shall advise the Constitution and Bylaws Committee as to
    action taken on proposed amendments voted upon.
  • When amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws have been approved by
    the Section, they shall take effect immediately and the revised constitution
    shall be distributed to all interested members current in Section dues.