Science Fairs

In late February, members of AWWA and WEAT again supported the Dallas and Fort Worth Regional Science Fairs by serving as Special Award Judges. Ten members gave up a Tuesday morning to help out at the Fort Worth fair, whereas twelve members gave up a precious Saturday morning to help out in Dallas. Volunteers judged water related projects prepared by middle and high schoolers, referred to as junior and senior division participants at the fairs, and awarded the top three projects in each division. Senior level participants also were judged for the opportunity to participate in the national Stockholm Junior Water Prize which focuses on water and environmental projects. Winners of the national Stockholm Junior Water Prize then advance to the international completion.

Congratulations to all the students! The students were invited to the May dinner meeting to share their projects with us.

2016 Regional Science and Engineering Fair Winners

Senior Division – Fort Worth Region

1st Place: Diana Dyer – Northstar High School

Project Title: Reduce Evaporation, Save Water

2nd Place: Raashi Thakkar – Texas Academy of Mathmatics and Science

Project Title: Go With the Flow: Development of a Novel Water Filter Utilizing Nanotechnology and Porous Materials For Third World Country, Military, and Freshwater Ecosystem Applications

3rd Place:  Rayni Skaggs– Granbury High School

Project Title: Consequence of Nonpoint Source Pollution on Freshwater Mussels

Senior Division – Dallas Region

1st Place: Luke Padgett – The Academy High School

Project Title: Drops to Drink: Effectivity of Capacitive Deionization in Desalinating Water

2nd Place: Monish Challagondla & Arjun Swamy – Plano East High School

Project Title: Computational Algorithm for Early Flood Warning

3rd Place: Deemah Pulak– Richardson High School

Project Title: Development of an Affordable Tabletop Bio-Sand Water Filter Using ZeroValent Iron and Old Cotton Sari Cloth

Junior Division – Fort Worth Region

1st Place: Alana Rhodes – Acton Middle School

Project Title: Water Purification System

2nd Place: Rebecca Fripp – Harmony Science Academy – Carrollton

Project Title: Separating Oil and Water with a Spoon

3rd Place: Ashar Khazi-Syed – Harmony School of Innovation

Project Title: NANO IS HOT: Water Desalination Using Nanoparticles

Junior Division – Dallas Region

1st Place: Nafisa Muhammad – Otto Middle School

Project Title: Do Different types of Macroalgae and Mangroves Work Better at Reducing the Affect of Nitrate Levels in Fertilizer Runoff?

2nd Place: Medha Mondal – Otto Middle School

Project Title: Multi-Step Natural Water Filter

3rd Place: Robert Martinez – Griffin Middle School

Project Title: Shade Balls: Which Color Is More Effective?