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To pay for the upcoming Section meeting by credit card, please visit the WEAT-NTS SquareUp site.

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Want to Sponsor a Section Meeting?

WEAT-NTS is now offering three levels of Section meeting sponsorship for the July 2015 – June 2016 year. See the details below for how you can support WEAT-NTS and have your organization recognized by 500+ recipients of the WEAT-NTS newsletter and up to 120 attendees at each of our Section meetings. Your support is vital and greatly appreciated.

Classic Sponsor

  • $250.00
  • Typically 5 Classic Sponsors per meeting
  • Recognition of Classic Sponsors:
    • Announcement on front page of newsletter (names of firms only)
    • Announcement in meeting reminder e-mails (names of firms only)
    • Sign at meeting listing the sponsors (names of firms only)
    • Verbal recognition of sponsors by President at the beginning of the meeting

Gold Sponsor

  • $1,250.00
  • Recognition at ALL six meetings (for the price of five)
  • Recognition of Gold Sponsor is the same as Classic Sponsor at ALL six meetings

Platinum Sponsor

  • $1,850.00
  • Recognition at ALL six meetings
  • Recognition of Platinum Sponsor is same as Gold Sponsor plus:
    • Company name included in newsletter announcement
    • Company logo included in meeting reminder emails
    • Company logo included in sponsor sign at meeting
    • Display of digital banner at meeting via PowerPoint
    • Recognition of Platinum Sponsor by President at the beginning of the meeting
    • Includes sponsorship of:
      • February Seminar
      • WEAT-NTS Scholarship
      • Daryl Hall Scholarship
      • Business Card / Newsletter

Individual Sponsorship Opportunities

  • NTS Fall BBQ Cook-Off: $250.00
  • Sporting Clay Station: $150.00
  • WEAT-NTS Scholarship: $100.00
  • Daryl Hall Scholarship: $100.00
  • NTS Newsletter Business Card Ad, January through December: $150.00
  • NTS February Seminar: $300.00
  • NTS Young Professionals: $100.00
  • Recognition of Other Sponsors includes:
    • List of sponsors in newsletter announcement
    • List of sponsors in event reminder emails
    • Sign at event listing each sponsor

If you are interested in supporting the WEAT-NTS organization with a new sponsorship or want to renew an existing sponsorship, please contact:

Rami Issa
WEAT-NTS Treasurer
Phone: 972.735.3012

To pay by credit card, please visit the WEAT-NTS SquareUp site.