2023 February Seminar Presentations

Seminar Program

PDH Certificate

Where Did the Capacity Go? How to Handle Increased Influent Loading Rates to WWTPs
Quentin Geile, PE and Jenny Beth Murray, PE | Plummer 

Innovative Technologies to Handle Increasing Loads with Existing Infrastructure
Brandt Miller, PE | Hazen and Sawyer

Benefits of Hydrocyclones for WRRF Performance: Better Settling, Improved Nitrification… and Reduced E. coli?!
Alexandra Doody, PE | CDM Smith

Doing the EL to the S Two Step
Darrell Poore | Dallas Water Utilities

Water Funding- A Once in a Generation Opportunity
Stacy Barna | CDM Smith

Utility Challenges and Lessons Learned – Panel Discussion
James McDonald, PE | City of Fort Worth
Jody Zabolio, PE | Upper Trinity Regional Water District
John Bennett | Trinity River Authority
Lance Phillips | Dallas Water Utilities

Organizational and Operational Resiliency and Safety > Cybersecurity
David Espy | Tetra Tech

Trust No One! Zero Trust Networks and the impact on Incident Response
Derek Smith | Signature Automation

Biosolids and Algae – Two Problematic Birds, One Sustainable Stone
Tammy Karst-Riddoch, PhD | AECOM

Fort Worth Implements Thermal Drying of Biosolids
Chad Simmons, PE, BCEE | Freese and Nichols, Steven Nutter | City of Fort Worth

Moving Mountains- Rapid Expansion of the Mountain Creek Regional Wastewater System’s Treatment Plant
Lance Klement, PE | Garver, Tania Ho, PE | Trinity River Authority

Dessau WWTP Flow Diversion Project – Freaky Fast Project Delivery
Chirine Chidiac | Arcadis, Joanette Aird | Austin Water Utility