2020 February Seminar Presentations

Seminar Program

PDH Certificate

Responding to and Planning for Lift Station Failures
Frank Pugsley, PE (City of Denton), Rebecca Diviney, PE (City of Denton)

Large Pump Station Power Redundacy
George Luke, PE (Gupta & Associates, Inc.)

Planning for a Greenfield Water Resource Recovery Facility to Meet 50 Years of Growth and Beyond
Donna Long, PE (NTMWD) and Samir Marthur, PE (CDM Smith)

Sustainable Return on Investment Analysis of the New Salt Lake City Water Reclamation Facility
Andrea Bohmholdt, ENV SP (AECOM)

North Texas Municipal Water District Application of Lessons Learned from BNR Training
Randy Ofongo, (NTMWD), Michael Helms, (NTMWD), and Baron Snelgrove, (NTMWD)

The Value of Metabolic Selection in the Pursuit of Densified Activated Sludge
Brandt Miller, PE (Hazen)

Emergency Response Plan at the Central Wastewater Treatment Plan
Ron Patel, PE (Dallas Water Utilities) and Darell Long, Mast. Elect. (Dallas Water Utilities)

Combined Equalization and Peak Flow Storage Basin to Balance Flows to Secondary Treatment at an MBR Plant
Josh Frisinger, North Texas Wastewater Treatment Team Leader (Plummer Associates, Inc.)

Know Your Risk: Enhancing Resiliency with Improved Flood Risk Data
Jim Keith, PE, CFM (Freese and Nichols) and Webster Mangham (TRA)

Innovative and Cost-Effective Approach to Solving Sludge Issue
Vinoth Manharan, PE (AECOM) and Vishakha Kaushik, PE (AECOM)